Teaching-you Job Interview Skills 2.0

Teaching-you Job Interview Skills 2.0

The ultimate guide to preparing for job interviews!
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Have you ever been in a job interview and been asked questions that have made your mind go blank? Awkward questions like “what are your strengths?”, or even worse – “what are your weaknesses?”
Whether you’re new to the job market, out of work, or looking for a new challenge, Teaching-you Job Interview Skills will give you the confidence and interview know-how to make a good impression and secure the job of your dreams.

Product Features:
* NEW! A comprehensive, time-saving “job applications editor” to manage and track applications, produce letters, envelopes, emails and faxes for you, therefore avoiding repetitive tasks.
* Updated dictionary to explain important employment terms and concepts.
* Top 100 most frequently asked interview questions – with sample answers
* 100 interview tips – all you need to know from what to wear, to what you should and shouldn’t say.
* Research log – find out about your potential employer and log your notes.
* Letter templates – write word perfect acceptance and thank you letters.
* Career history – list your achievements and job experience so you can discuss them in your interview.



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